Zamak drop earrings

Long hook earrings

Triangular earrings

Earrings rings


Chakra Bracelet

Druzy Pyramid Necklace

Wave Earrings


Beach Ear Hoops

Jasper Necklace

December: Ruby

The Nile necklace

Beach Charm Bracelet

Stretch Bracelet Beads Cluster

Astrology necklace

Rhinestone bracelet braided with leather

Pearl Pastille Necklace

Butter Creme Bracelet

November: Emerald

October: Sapphire

September: Peridot

Macrame necklace

August: Rose Water Opal

July: Aquamarine

June: Tangerine

May: Light Topaz

Swarovski - Psychology of Colors

Shell Earrings

Cowrie Bracelet

Modern Circles earrings - Version 2

Modern Circles earrings

Flower earrings

White lava necklace

Two-row tassels necklace

Neon princess necklace

Kiss necklace

Rock crystal collier

Tiger's Eye earrings

Rings Earrings

Industrial Coral Bracelet

Leather Rivoli Bracelet

Donut and Tassels Necklace

Mother of Pearl Flower Necklace

Flowers Necklace

Happiness Earrings

Mother of Pearl Earrings

Delite multi-colour bangle

Rivoli and Pearl earrings

Ultra suede fringe lariat

Tassel semi circle connector earrings

Semi circle connector earrings

Swarovki Pearls Necklace

Necklace with pearls and stainless steel tassels

Necklace micro chain and stone

Golden Hematite Necklace

Orange Agate Necklaces

Modern asymmetric necklace

Garnet bracelet

Modern Bracelet with Swarovski Crystals

Tiger's Eye Gold Stainless Steel Necklace

Glass Pearl Drop Necklace

Pearl Lariat Necklace with Metal Tube

Leather bracelet with druzy stone

Vegan leather bracelet

Woven Rings Earrings

Asymmetrical pearl earrings

New Year Bracelet

Three tone velvet bracelet

Festive necklace with Swarovski crystal iridescent Tahitian look pearl

Shimmer Amethyst Earrings

Sunset Earrings

Autumn Hues Earrings

Chain and Crystals Necklace

Easy Holidays Bracelets

Chain Earrings

Bracelet Navy

Cuff bracelet with rhinestone chains

Red Horn Earrings

Set Pearls Earrings

Gold leaves earrings

Gold Chain Necklace

Gold Charms Necklace

Pearl Drop Necklace

Scarlet Red Necklace

Black mesh bracelet

Bow Bracelet

Modern Bolo Necklace

Lariat Necklace

Glam necklace made with sew-on stones

Three Row Necklace

Gray and Black Druzy Bracelet

Starry Night Necklace

Neutral multi-row bracelet

Multi-row Bohemian bracelet

Multi Row Denim Bracelet

Modern Two-Tone Necklace

Bow and Pearl Bracelet

Rose Gold Flower Necklace

Protection Amulet Necklace

Long Necklace with Druzy Pendant

Choker Tweed

Spring Flower Necklace

Necklace Pearl and Bow

Black necklace with dagger

Rocaille tassel necklace

Short brown leather necklace

Golden pavé necklace

Embellished headband

After-ski headband

Black velvet choker

Stainless steel and dark sapphire bracelet

Rhinestone, chain, druzy and pearl earrings

Tassel earrings

Rivoli Bracelet

Matte Bracelet

Bracelet Rose

Three rows olivine necklace

Olive tassel necklace

Rings Necklace

Infinity Necklace

Coral and leather choker necklace

Braided ring choker necklace

Pearl button and leather bracelet

Beaded net bracelet

Ultrasuede, rattail and chain lariat necklace

Long leather and metal choker necklace

Ethnic multi-layered chain fringe necklace

Long semi-precious pendant and tassel necklace

Fall/Winter 2017/2018 trending colors and Frabels products

Multi row net necklace

Candy jade drop choker

Multi-Strand Tassel Elastic Bracelet

Faux Leather Crystal Wrap Bracelet

Pearls and tubes earrings

Pearls and tubes necklace

Suede Fringe Choker

Pearl Drop Earring Hoops

Glass Bead and Suede Choker

Semi-precious and Stainless Steel Lariat Necklace


Degraded Necklace

Multi-Rows Necklace

Crystal Fringe Necklace

Plunging Necklace

Blue Opal Bracelet

Stainless Steel and Leather Bracelet

Bone and Crystal Necklace

Dagger flower necklace

Tropical Necklace

Peppermint Bracelet

Pearl Fringe Bracelet

Pink Shadow Bracelet

White Opal Necklace

Nautical Necklace

Column necklace

Braided scarf

Necklace Dégradé

Fringe Necklace

Tribal necklace

Tortoise necklace

Pearl Choker

Pearl Bracelet with Gold Chain

Bejeweled Choker

Multi Color Choker

Lace Necklace

Climbing Cord Silver Bracelet

Crystal Round Necklace

Baguette Bracelet

Bohemian Classic Choker

Button Rhinestone Choker

Leather Pearl Bracelet

Multi Rhinestone Bracelet

Black Onyx Choker

Flower Ribbon Choker

Flower Comb

Blue Crystal Bracelet

Blue Hematite Necklace

Spiral Bracelet

Macrame Bracelets

Metal Bead Shamballa Bracelet

Multi Bicone Bracelet

Chessboard Bracelet

Flower Shamballa Bracelet

Cuff Suede Leather Bracelet

Candy bracelet

Apoxie sculpt pendant

Apoxie sculpt ring

Crystal Bail Necklace

Multi Rows Necklace

Bone Claw Pendant

Chains Necklace

Tassel Necklace

Crystal Leather Bracelet

Silver Leather Bracelet

Hematite Necklace and Earrings

Leather and Chain Necklace

Chandelier Pendant

Metal Collar

Black tassel necklace

Tassel clip

Black Onyx gold bracelet

Braided leather bracelet with sliders

Navy and pearl charm bracelet

Hemp cuff

Navajo Inspired Beaded Cuff

Celtic bracelet

Floating Golden Rings

Glistering Winter Necklace

Crystal Angel Necklace

Crystal Angel Earrings

Woven leather bracelet

10 row Laser cut tube bracelet

Peaches and pearls bracelet

Pearl lace cuff

Two Tone Cuff Bracelet

Stretchy Bracelet

Black-n-White leather bracelet

White leather bracelet

Tassels Necklace

Charms Bracelet

Green Bracelet with charms

Blue Bracelet with charms

Machine cut glass beads bracelet

Tassels, Wood Beads and Climbing Cord Necklace

Tassel-n-Cord Necklace

Spring colors instant bracelets

Tassel Earrings

Fancy Bracelet

Eropean leather bracelet

Glass, Wood and Semi-Precious beads necklace

Climbing cord and Twisted rope necklace

Climbing Cord Necklace with Magnesite

Crystal Earrings

Ear Hoops and Bracelet

Heart Flower Necklace


Braided Bracelet with Tassels

Nested Glass Beads Necklace

Christmas Decorations - Beaded Icicle Ornament

Christmas Decorations - Pointed Crystal Pendant Ornament

Christmas Decorations - Pear Crystal Pendant Ornament

Christmas Decorations - Wire Star

Christmas Decorations - Wire Flower with Crystal

Christmas Decorations - Ball with Rhinestone Chain

Two-Colors Bracelet

Hook Clasp Leather Bracelet

Rhinestone Bracelet with Leather Cord

Braided Climbing Cord Necklace

Memory Wire Bracelet

Climbing Cord Necklace

Adjustable Bracelet

Braided Cord Bracelet

Braided Cord Necklace with Swarovski Pendants

Knotted Bracelet

Dog Tag Pendant with Frosted Glass Paper

Dog Tag Pendant with Crystals

Hook Clasp Bracelet

Regaliz Leather Bracelet

Half Ring

Skull Earrings

Spike Earrings. Swarovski Elements

Leather rhinestone bracelet

Multi-Strand leather bracelet

Cobra Bracelet

Evil Eye Bracelet

Braided leather bracelet

Love Me Knot Bracelet

Malachite earrings

Thorn Beads Necklace

Celtic Knot Bracelet

Metal earrings with cabochon

Ring with Rhinestone chain

Pearls Bracelet 2

Pearls Bracelet

Plastic Cabochons Ear Posts

Pearls Necklace

Heart Earring Posts

Crystal Ball Earrings

Nail Polish Necklace in Blue and Green

Nail Polish Necklace in Pink

Rhinestone Bracelet

Avant Garde Necklace

Tribuckle bracelet

Chained shoes

Summer Bracelet

Chained Bag

Fast-n-Easy Necklace

Gold Plate Ear Posts

Raw Crystal Bracelet

Crystal Ring

Flat Leather Bracelet

ParaCord Bracelet

Ear Posts

Druzy Bracelet

Panther Face Bracelet

Rose Gold Chain Necklace

Fancy shoes

Braided necklace

PANTONE VIEW Color Trend: Energizing Orange

Hair Ornament

Regaliz leather necklace

4-Row Necklace

Crystals Cord Bracelet

Another Hinged Bracelet

Hinged Bracelet Inspiration

Crystals Bracelet Inspiration

Cuff Bracelet Inspiration

5 Key Trend Themes - 5

5 Key Trend Themes - 4

5 Key Trend Themes - 3

5 Key Trend Themes - 2

5 Key Trend Themes - 1

Fall/Winter 2013/14 Apparel and Accessories Trend Report 4

Fall/Winter 2013/14 Apparel and Accessories Trend Report 3

Fall/Winter 2013/14 Apparel and Accessories Trend Report 2

Fall/Winter 2013/14 Apparel and Accessories Trend Report

Ready-to-Wear Fall/Winter 2013/2014

Spike Bracelet

Monkeybiz is no monkey business!

Ellipse Pendant - Design Inspiration

Ellipse Necklace - Design Inspiration

Wave Bead and Crystal Pearl - Design Inspiration

Wave Bead - Design Inspiration

Wave Pendant - Design Inspiration

Wire Bracelet

Column Bead 5535 - Design Inspiration

Wedding bracelet

Design Inspirations

Crystal Earrings

Shamballa style Bracelet


Swarovski Pre-Season Innovations Fall/Winter 2014-2015

Bone Bead Bracelet

Shamballa bracelet

PHB Necklace

Green earrings and bracelet

Green drop earrings

Friday's color combination - Turquoise

Thursday's color combination - Beige

Wednesday's color combination - Green

Tuesday's color combination - Blue

Monday's color combination - Red