Swarovski Pre-Season Innovations Fall/Winter 2014-2015

Swarovski Elements

With environmental change and the mega-trend of neo-ecology increasingly in the limelight, our Pre-Launch innovations are a timely reminder of the strength and fragility of nature and a tangible, radiant reminder of our role as her guardian.
With these beautiful blends, we embrace one of the most spectacular phenomena in nature – the changing of the season. Paying homage to the wonder and beauty found here on earth, they capture the sweeping seasonal changes of merging natural colors, all captured in brilliant radiant crystal.
This is the story of our world: the earth and her beauty, the seasonal change and the sweeping landscapes that inspire and intrigue us. A moment in time, captured forever.

The changing of the seasons has come heavily into focus over the past few decades, with issues such as global warming raising major concerns.
The focus on the magnificence of the shifting seasons serves as a visual reminder of the wonder of nature and the attention we need to pay to the planet.
These beautiful crystal blends highlight the need to create an even deeper awareness of our environment and the desperate need to slow down global warming.
Softened, bleached colors convey a nostalgic feel and highlight the returning trend of taking inspiration from the washed-out and faded colours of materials such as Polaroids.
The design world is also highlighting the importance of blended colors, as reflected in the current fashion of dip-dye for hair, fabrics, and even make-up.
The southern and northern hemispheres experience polar opposite seasonal changes – the beauty of these blends is that they appeal to both hemispheres in equal measure.
“Splicing” is a major trend movement – splicing, stacking, layering, and blending to show shifting levels of color.
The top half appears sweet, reassuring, and familiar, while the bottom is tough and provocative.