Fall/Winter 2013/14 Apparel and Accessories Trend Report

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Ready-to-Wear Trends

I. 5 Trend Themes

1. Dandy Land: Contrast of work and play, masculine ensemble, country meets city. We see countryside hues and menswear patterns of hound’s-tooth and paisley. In apparel there are menswear prints of tweeds and gingham with unexpected hints of color with a 70’s look. Accessories are about masculine elements and materials like structured briefcase and hats. There is a polished countryside theme and quirky attitude with playful accessories and colors.

2. Great Shape: Sophisticated, confident and strong, not flamboyant with logos and design but simplistic. Soft shapes, clean lines, balance, purity and restraint resulting from the need for calm in a fast-paced over stimulated lifestyle. This is a health-conscious lifestyle. Apparel is all about shape with athletic silhouettes and details and color blocking in design or styling. Accessories are simplified, sophisticated sport, athletic details are simplistic.

3. Nomads Land: Exploration of the great outdoors and inner comforts of home. This fashion nomad lives in an antique, no-fuss interior and wears cozy, well-worn materials. She emerges into a wilderness fantasy world where colors come to life and camouflages with flowers, feathers and fur. In apparel warmth is key with sweater knits and furs. Inspirations come from nature with earth tones and floral prints. Accessories feature distressed surfaces, bark texture, wood-inspired geodes and raw stones and flowers. Accessories are meant to help keep you warm and have a handcrafted look.

4. Star Wars: Functional futuristic fashion where intergalactic guards seek protection through tough uniforms with hard lines, durable high-tech materials and dark shades. This trend has a galactic feel and look with inspiration from menswear. Apparel shows asymmetry and sharp lines with metallic threading and shimmering galactic surfaces and tough warrior-like silhouettes. Accessories imitate weapons and armor, the feminine side is shown in the details like lace-up leather netting and cinched belts showing the feminine shape.

5. Decadent Doll: This is about celebration, opulence and a privileged lifestyle with rich fabrics, jacquard and heirloom jewels. Jewel tones are contrasted with porcelain white and gold. There is a Russian doll influence. Apparel shows rich fabric, embellishment, metallic threading and beading. Accessories have jewels galore like on ankle straps of shoes, lace collars and embellished fur. Rich fabrics of satin, velvet and colored fur.

II. Classifications



  • Wide corset styles - curves are becoming more accepted and we look to create curves and showcase the hourglass shape
  • Metal - seen in belts and buckles
  • Statement buckle - animal heads, insects, filigree metal designs and jeweled




Cold weather



  • Fur - coats, head warmers, scarves; embellishment is popping up with studs, buckles and snaps
  • Pull-through - we see a variety of lengths
  • Shoulder warmer - knit versions, many have fasteners like a brooch







  • Mirrored frames - not just metallic silver but blue tints and oranges
  • Round frames - many featuring brow bars
  • Shield - highlighting the futuristic trends

Gloves - all styles featuring “touch gloves” which give you access to use touch screens on a phone or tablet


  • Color—we see 2 and 3 tone color patterns
  • Embellishment and leather treatments
  • Gauntlet glove style
  • Long elbow length gloves






  • Menswear theme - androgynous-like briefcase bags, portfolio clutches, laptop/ipad cases
  • Chain - not limited to round but we are seeing more shapes like boxy chain styles, charms and color are being added
  • Fur bags - long and shaggy, short hair and curly styles
  • Vintage ladylike styles - framed tops and flat tops
  • Duffel and bowler bags
  • Clutches - featuring a carry strap to make them both functional and fashionable, they are getting bigger and softer too so they fit more
  • Tiny structured clutches - with all-over crystal designs and regal Faberge egg cases.




Hats and Hair goods



  • Equestrian and military styles
  • Berets and newsboy styles
  • Brimmed oversized hats
  • Embellished clips, pins and bands—especially big for holiday








  • Brooches - geometric shapes, feathers, fabric-backed and cascading styles
  • Statement necklaces - neck-clinging, sleek and modern, jeweled chokers and statement bibs
  • Earrings - moving down in shoulder-duster styles
  • Antique jewelry designs - sparkle is welcome into everyday casual wear
  • Classic metal link jewelry as well as oversized links on their own
  • Brushed and shiny metal surfaces - combos of metal types of sleek, brushed and sculpted surfaces
  • Enamel and resin - shiny and matte surfaces
  • Natural materials - raw stones with sculpted metal, stones dipped in metal
  • Tough punk gothic - studs, spikes and crosses
  • Watches - dressed up, sleek and sheek



Leg wear - feminine lace and fishnet


  • Long skinny styles
  • Printed bold graphics and watercolors

Menswear - ties, tie prints in scarves and pocket squares

To be continued...