Fall/Winter 2013/14 Apparel and Accessories Trend Report 4

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Ready-to-Wear Trends

V. Items and Themes

Military: Apparel sees military silhouettes and pockets, button and rope trim. Accessories reinterpret vintage military uniforms in a modern look.

Animal Kingdom: Animal prints and animal motifs. Horses are big as 2014 Chinese New Year is the horse.

Surrealist: Fantasy, fun and color; imagination and creativity. Accessories use Salvatore Dali as muse.


VI. Color

Blacks: All shades are being laid against each other and coming to life to appear as dark blues, greens, purples and charcoal grays. Depth of color is created by the materials used. Black and navy combo is important.

Whites: Layers of white family show different shades like cream, ivory, porcelain, creamy yellow and pink undertones. The most directional whites are seen in accessories with bright white shades and chalky hues.

Pastels: Skin-tone fleshy nudes and peaches, frosty blue, mauve, violet, sea foam green and butter cream

Metallics: Wide spectrum of shades from gold to silver tones to purples. Different shimmers are seen in different textures.

Browns: Range of autumnal tones emulating the menswear trend. Beige, camel, tan, burnt amber, butterscotch, cognac, spice and deep espresso. Accessories have a heritage feel with shades in exotic skins.

Yellows: Apparel sees light citrus hues with lime undertones and golden canary. Accessories see deeper tones of mustard, marigold and butterscotch.

Greens: Every shade is seen in apparel and accessories, with military and nature trend influences. Pea, moss, deep olive, emerald and deep forest pine with undertones of blue.

Blues: Apparel sees deep tones of midnight and navy and electric tones of bright cobalt. Accessories see teal with green undertones and softer shades.

Purples: Apparel sees deep plum, eggplant, bright with worm undertones. Accessories see light dusty mauves and lavender.

Oranges: spicy and fiery shades of persimmon, paprika, cinnamon, rust, russet, bright apricot, flaming sunset.

Reds: Rich dark Bordeaux wine and ox-blood as well as lighter shades of berry.