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After the successful Spring/Summer 2012 launch of BeCharmed Beads, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS followed it In 2013/14 with a comprehensive BeCharmed assortment consisting of BeCharmed Bead, Crystal BeCharmed Pearl, and BeCharmed Rondelle. Available in a wide palette of colors and effects, all except the BeCharmed Rondelle have stainless steel inner rings embossed with the SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS branding, giving greater value to designs, together with added functionality.



Bringing yet more sparkle to the BeCharmed assortment, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS is now launching a new collection of BeCharmed Pavé products. These elements are characterized by dazzling brilliance, thanks to the incorporation, variously, of XILION Chaton, XILION Square Fancy Stone, or Baguette Fancy Stone, and by the enhanced functionality of their logo-engraved 4.5 mm hole. Perfectly suited to necklaces, bracelets, key rings, and entire jewelry sets, they offer a variety of ways to make a style statement, and can be easily combined with the whole BeCharmed assortment.


ENCHANTING ROMANCE color inspirations

LAVENDER BAY color inspirations

MAGIC AND MYSTERY color inspirations

BLUE OCEAN color inspirations

FOREST DREAM color inspirations

GLAM DIVA color inspirations

GOLDEN TIMES color inspirations

TIMELESS CLASSIC color inspirations

BRIGHT OUTLOOK color inspirations

BIRTHSTONES color inspirations



The new BeCharmed Pavé are definitely unique: their stylish stainless steel rings feature the SWAROVSKI ELEMENT logo and offer many brilliant ways to make a style statement. Dazzling brilliance and functionality characterize the BeCharmed Pavé.

Necklaces, bracelets, key rings and whole jewelry sets can all be created using the BeCharmed Pavés.The 4.5 mm hole can be threaded on different materials and easily combined with the whole BeCharmed assortment.

Products of the following categories were used for these color combinations:

80301 Swarovski BeCharmed Pavé style beads;

80101 Swarovski BeCharmed Pavé beads;

5928 Crystal Swarovski Becharmed Helix beads;

77512 BeCharmed Rondelle Components;

5890 Swarovski Becharmed pearls;

80201 Swarovski BeCharmed Pavé style beads;

5948 Crystal Swarovski BeCharmed Briolette beads;

BR515-7.5, BR515-8 Pandora style bracelets