Swarovski Innovations Spring/Summer 2021


This season’s theme is TIME TO SHINE, an acknowledgment of the transformative power of “significant moments” on a society whose attention span has been conspicuously influenced by digitalization.

As the digital era colonizes more and more of our attention span, time itself has become a valuable commodity. To compensate, we seek to increase our bandwidth so that we can slow down and live in the now, appreciate time with loved ones, and enjoy activities that bring us happiness. These are the sparkling moments from which memories are made.

This experience-led approach to life is reflected in Spring/Summer 2021’s Swarovski crystal theme, TIME TO SHINE. It is reflected in four moods: Futuristic Reflections suggests a new reality where cultural heritage, space-age formats and exotic ancient tales combine; Edgy Illumination rebels with an experimental romance born of dark and mysterious Goth elements; Sleek Shimmer celebrates design that has soul, imbued with artful minimalism and timeless simplicity; and Extravagant Brilliance reimagines historical concepts with a new and unconventional narrative, where cultures and traditions are steeped in fantasy.


Paler than Amethyst, yet boasting more intensity than Light Amethyst, Iris is a soft and elegant purple shade that meets the demand for modern opulence. As an exemplar of the new-luxe look, Iris is ideal for color-rich spring floral designs, as well as striking dégradé effects when teamed with the Amethyst palette.




Crystal Ignite Crystal Ignite

Ignite Effect is unfoiled, yet it maintains an intensity of sparkle. 
Indeed, no other unfoiled crystal on the market can boast this level of brilliance.

It’s what makes it so incredibly versatile, enabling open-back settings
and offering new ways to imitate fine jewelry looks.

Aquamarine Ignite Aquamarine Ignite
Light Rose Ignite Light Rose Ignite


Crystal Electric Blue Crystal Electric Green Crystal Electric Orange Crystal Electric Pink Crystal Electric Violet Crystal Electric White Crystal Electric Yellow
Crystal Electric Blue Crystal Electric Green Crystal Electric Orange Crystal Electric Pink Crystal Electric Violet Crystal Electric White Crystal Electric Yellow

A sensational marriage of the radiant DeLite with the high voltage Electric LacquerPRO has delivered a neon-bright crystal with premium sparkle. Seven Electric LacquerPRO

DeLite effects open up an astonishing range of creative possibilities, especially for segments that demand powerful, standout looks, such as dance costumes.


Crystal Iridescent Dreamy Blue

Crystal Iridescent Dreamy Blue

The new Pearl Colors, Dreamy Rose Pearl and Dreamy Blue Pearl,
have a soft iridescence that combines beautifully with the existing
natural Pearl palette, as well as with the new Iris shade and Opal
Shimmer effects.

Use them to create a fashionable unicorn look, or to
inject a refreshing radiance into daytime designs.

Crystal Iridescent Dreamy Rose

Crystal Iridescent Dreamy Rose


Mystic Square Fancy Stone



Introducing a classic cushion shape with a highly faceted look, the Mystic Square Fancy Stone captures fabulous futurism and traditional elegance in one charismatic stone. Its contemporary-precious looks are created by a grooved reverse side and precision-cut facets to the front.

It makes an impressive centerpiece as well as perfectly complementing both fine jewelry and modern looks.






Geometric Flat Backs



New Geometric Flat Backs include the wonderfully versatile Concise Hexagon, Elongated Hexagon, Concise Pentagon, and Elongated Pentagon. Designed with side lengths that match, they combine easily with existing Geometric Flat Backs, making richly embellished designs simple to achieve.