Swarovski Innovations Spring/Summer 2017

Swarovski’s crystal innovations for Spring/Summer 2017 draw inspiration from the season’s over-arching theme of ‘The Balance of Nature’.

The focus for the season is firmly set on the growing mega trend of the human desire for wellbeing, and the search for an oasis of calm amid the harsh demands of twenty-first century life. Swarovski’s trend experts have identified four distinct sub-themes that are fueling these contemporary aspirations: Air (Classic theme); Earth (Romantic theme); Water (Progressive theme); and Fire (Glamour theme).




Swarovski and Céline Cousteau - a celebrated filmmaker, humanitarian, and environmentalist, and, as it so happens, the granddaughter of legendary ocean explorer Jacques Yves Cousteau - share a commitment to the environment and sustainability. Both care about today’s world and wish to save it for the generation of tomorrow. This common spirit has resulted in a crystal collection of one-of-a-kind designs for the new season: the Jellyfish Flat Back & Fancy Stone, the Sea Urchin Round Stone, the Snail Pendant and the Radiolarian Pendant



A breath of air, central to our very existence, remains a potent symbol of calm for all those wishing to retreat from the pressure of daily life. The Crystal Pearlescent White Pearl, a totally new effect in the Crystal Pearl range, is a reinterpreted classic that reflects that deep desire for calm with a graceful purity that appears both matte and shiny at the same time.
As the contemporary mindset seeks to pare down to life’s essentials and dispose of unnecessary burdens, these pure shapes provide the answer. The cut of the Twister Fancy Stone, inspired by a windmill and reminiscent of a four-pointed star, reflects this airy theme. Symbolizing the vagaries of the wind, this dynamic stone possesses streamlined facets and smooth edges that seem to imply movement even at rest.
Equally expressive of this classic theme, the Pavé Dragonfly Pendant dazzles with filigree pavé finished wings, available in single or multicolored versions. The pendant’s gracefully upturned wings intensify the creature’s life-like plasticity.



Timeless romantic design embraces the confluence of the natural worlds of our planet. In such an arena, the stunning new color Graphite, a strong, bluish grey-black color with a completely homogenous surface, is perfectly at home. Elegant and mysterious, it forms the perfect gradient transition between Crystal Silver Night and Jet.Graphite is perfect for power-driven designs or for use as an inspired accent to add depth to modern folk creations.
The Scarab Bead, referencing the scarab beetle, is made with an innovative crystal cutting technology combined with a detailed molding of the head and wings.



In addition to the extraordinary collection by Céline Cousteau, Swarovski is also offering the new Raindrop Pendant that beautifully captures the elegance of a single raindrop. Its multilayered cut creates a playful sparkle that can be used in both understated and opulent designs.



Vibrant, eye-catching colors are the mainstay of the over-the-top glamour favored equally by celebrities of stage and screen or indeed any woman who stands out because of her confident and passionate persona. The new color, Yellow Opal, is completely at home in this majestic company, finding its inspiration in the gemstone Citrine.Yellow Opal is a true first in the Swarovski crystal assortment: its bright yellow shade has been give a matte, opalescent finish that combines sheer color power with genuine gemstone appeal. Its cool edge is just right for modern casualwear, as is its bright yet refined shine for any accessory.
Fiery glamour would not be complete without an iconic statement piece, and this challenge is answered with flair and attitude by Swarovski’s Panther Bead. Strong and sensual with a uniquely feminine mystique, this artistically designed Panther Bead elevates the art of crystal cutting to exciting new heights.