Swarovski Innovations Spring/Summer 2012

Chrysolite Opal (154 Frabels' color code)

This soft, serenely pleasing color enhances any palette from neutrals through to deeply intense colors. Its sophisticated opalescence gives a romantic, ethereal edge, perfect for different design implementations. It is extremely versatile. It can appear as romantic and feminine but also be adapted to more fashion-forward, futuristic designs.


Crystal Bronze Shade (460 Frabels coating code)

It is directly in tune with the strong design trend towards Metallics in everything from fashion and jewelry through to accessories. Elegant and sophisticated, it also adds strength and depth to any design. Extremely versatile, it can be used in everything from glamorous evening wear through to tough utility wear.


Topaz Blend (227B Frabels color code)

This deeply warm and magnificent hue fuses elegance with sophistication and allows a myriad of design possibilities. The sophisticated, subtle shading that extends across seasons – winter through to summer – offers amazing color combination.


Amethyst Blend (202B Frabels color code)

The beautifully integrated degrade effect allows for myriad design possibilities. Beautiful subtle shading that extends across seasons – winter through to summer - allows for extra versatility. It suits perfectly the major trend direction for washed and fluid colors.



Crystal Swarovski 6261, Devoted 2 U Heart Pendant

A new interpretation of the heart shape is seen in a stretched and more organic form. The new hole position underlines the asymmetrical design and the diagonal look.


Crystal Swarovski 6262, Miss U Heart Pendant

The small heart-shaped hole surrounded by the crystal heart symbolizes a small heart inside a larger one, saying: “You are in my heart”. The large hole makes it extremely adaptable in answering the strong design direction for different application techniques.


Crystal Swarovski 6263, Forever 1 Heart Pendant

The Forever 1 Heart is a new interpretation of the heart shape with an exciting matte shine contrast on the “gluing together” line that runs through the middle. Two pieces melting together and becoming one heart is a strong symbol of togetherness and love.


Crystal Swarovski 6264, Truly in Love

With its irregular honeycomb-cut facets, a young and brilliant look of the everlasting love symbol is created.