Swarovski Innovations Fall/Winter 2020-21



In a world reaching out for more connection, more real time and more warmth a new era of emotional currency has arisen.

Welcome to a new era of crystal-clear emotion, where it is time to shine a light on love, in all its guises. A time where consumers will look for emotional connection, and a new breed of social media creators deal in the authentic and the apparent. Kindness becomes the latest kpi, and optimism and positivity are the only bandwagons to be on.

For us, an uplifting spirit has always been at our core (our products themselves are positively radiant), and this season we aim to impart even more of our essential brilliance. Whether it be love of the past, embracing the moment, entertaining the extreme or abandoning yourself to the whims of nature, we aim to “love all”. Because, if you ask us, nothing is more emotionally connecting, empowering or uplifting than love.

Romantic symbols with enduring significance, powerful reminders of the universal emotions that drive us all, find a place in our crystal assortment for fall/winter 2020/21.

Pure, radiant and sophisticated, they share the limelight with new stones of spectacular brilliance ranging from subtle to punchy, symmetrical to asymmetrical, mini to maxi, edgy to opulent. Dazzling new crystal colors penetrate our consciousness, deepening our connection with nature and the continuing focus on the organic in design.


Crystal Royal Red DeLite

After seasons of unisex and “no-gender” fashion,

the rediscovery of femininity sees the evolution

of a romantic yet strong color palette.

With a trans-seasonal twist for the “no-label” generation,

summer hues and candy color brights

will transition into the winter season,

giving collections a modern, romantic feeling.

Crystal Royal Blue DeLite
Crystal Lotus Pink DeLite
Crystal Silky Sage DeLite
Crystal Orange Glow DeLite

Crystal Electric Violet

This eclectic take on modern fashion pushes the boundaries of hi-lo styling, expressive looks, and color experimentation. Colors become electric as the everyday becomes more extreme. The influx of these off-kilter brights highlights the intensity and acceptance of unashamedly artificial hues that have infiltrated our lives through our daily screen-time diet.


Rose Peach Shimmer Effect




Crystal Mulberry Pink Pearl

In an effort to counter the detrimental effects

of our digital, sedentary lifestyles,

a more organic color direction comes to the fore.

Rich and sumptuous, dark and moody,

the authentic quality of berry hues highlights

our connection with nature and

the continuing focus on the organic in design

Crystal Elderberry Pearl




Enduring and iconic, romantic symbols never go out of fashion,

and as we witness the rediscovery of femininity after seasons of unisex

and “no-gender” fashion, the evolution of a dreamy new direction

sees these eternal symbols come boldly into play.

Our radiant new Heart Cut Pendant is perfectly poised to bring

sensuous sophistication back to design as fashion seeks to promote

a sense of everyday passion.

This season, it’s time to fall in love again with the female form.