Swarovski Innovations Fall/Winter 2019/20


We are currently living in the illusion that we see all the choices, but in reality we are only being fed small portions that algorithms have determined for us. From products and holiday destinations to partner choices and media offers, we are now presented with a well - curated selection that fits our past data footprint. This pre-determined offering has led to an increased desire for personalization and customization, where consumers no longer wish simply to look different, they now demand products that are individually created to reflect their taste.
As a result, brands the world over are offering customization possibilities to enable their customers to create or co - create truly unique products. But this is just the start. As we become more involved with a sense of self, and the demand for individualism continues to rise, the next development of complete individualization is already on our doorstep. Ego - Tech, where technology makes actual consumption decisions for the individual consumer, is now entering the mainstream and will herald a new era of the individual.
To give just a few examples: Kentucky Fried Chicken in China scans people’s faces and, based on aspects such as skin tone, face shape and emotional state, uses algorithms to recommend a menu. Cosmetic companies, such as Lancôme, already offer the possibility of creating a customized foundation based on an individual skin scan, while Japanese retailer Uniqlo launched its first “neuroscience” fashion campaign in Australia based on the concept of suggesting clothes to the customer from a scan of his or her mood.
Welcome to the era of Individualization. As we become more used to – and increasingly demand – customized product offerings, our crystal inspiration themes for Fall /Winter 2019/20 highlight four main themes that were created to reflect the focus on emerging individual expression.

This season, it is time to Be Yourself!


Crystal LacquerPRO DeLite Effects

As we continue to seek to slow down, colors become more grounded to show an ongoing affinity with nature and a focus on the sustainable. The Crystal LacquerPRO DeLite Effects celebrate natural hues and landscapes, highlighting the beauty, intensity and individual aspects of Mother Earth.

Product features:

Increased sparkle and light return for DeLite lacquers in comparison with Shiny LacquerPRO effects

Highlighted facets show depth and clarity of crystal

5 trend-inspired LacquerPRO DeLite effects (Crystal Light Grey DeLite, Crystal Army Green DeLite, Crystal Ochre DeLite, Crystal Burgundy DeLite, Crystal Cappuccino DeLite)

New crystal look harmonizes perfectly with existing crystal colors and effects, offering a wide variety for customers’ designs

Revival and rejuvenation of Ultra colors, which have been in the assortment since the 1960s


Crystal Shimmer for Beads, Pendants and Sew-on Stones. Amethyst Shimmer and Crystal Shimmer

Product features:

Unique new effect inspired by AB

Soft and elegant effect that radiates multiple shades of a single color

Highest quality, durability, and glamor for optimal performance

Selected color effect combinations extended to the product groups: Beads, Pendants and Sew-ons to fit perfectly with the trend-inspired LacquerPRO DeLite effects

Same chemical characteristics as AB.


The new effect combination cannot be used for articles with holes – however, a complementary line extension in matching shimmer colors for beads, pendants and sew-ones will be launched to have unlimited design possibilities with the new Lacquer Pro Delite Family (especially for seedbeaders).

More brilliance, color vibrancy, and light refraction accentuate every movement of the crystal, creating breathtaking designs

Vividly highlights the shade of crystal for colorful, yet sophisticated designs


Crystal Iridescent Tahitian Look Pearl


As we seek to slow down, colors continue to reflect an affinity with nature and a focus on the sustainable. The new Crystal Iridescent Tahitian Look Pearl highlights the beauty to be found on Earth, offering an immediate connection with the real and the authentic, and bringing to our attention the need to take care of our planet. The new Crystal Pearl effect is inspired by the rare and exclusive saltwater pearls that originate from Tahiti. A fresh update to the previous Crystal Tahitian Look Pearl (001 297) with less grey hues and a more vibrant teal base with a subtle iridescent look.




Core Assortment



Product features:

The 30 most important articles throughout the assortment are offered in 6 major colors: Aquamarine, Amethyst, Emerald, Jet, Lt. Colorado Topaz, Scarlet, plus Crystal



Fancy Stones

Imperial Fancy Stone (4480)

As the desire to carve a new identity becomes key for customers, the upending of the traditional is being utilized in designs. A new, individualized format is being honored with “heritage” re-issued to make retro modern. It is this sentiment that is perfectly encapsulated in the beautiful new Imperial Cut. With its stunningly detailed cut and modern format, it offers freshness while still adhering to authenticity.

Product features:

Imperial cut is based on the well-known Asscher cut – the forerunner of the Emerald cut, but with a greater degree of brilliance

Asscher Cut is ranked within the top 10 most desirable diamond shapes

It enables a wide variety of designs from delicate fine jewelry look to very bold and conceptual pieces

Great in combination with other shapes/cuts


The Imperial Cut is based on the world famous Asscher Cut:
“The old Asscher Cut diamond was created in 1902 by the Asscher Diamond Company, today still known as the Royal Asscher Diamond Company.
The old Asscher Cut diamond is one of the very first patented diamond cuts in the world. At that time, the patent was valid for 50 years. History reveals the true reason why we have not continued the old Asscher Cut diamond. After World War II, the Asscher family and diamond company had to start again from scratch. Today, one will find many so-called Asscher Cut stones at most jewelers, but there are only a few original Asscher Cut diamonds left that were cut by the Asscher family. In 2001, the Asscher family introduced the great successor to the Asscher Cut diamond: the Royal Asscher Cut. The Royal Asscher Cut diamond is based on the design of the old Asscher Cut, but the Royal Asscher Diamond Company has created a stone that has a mesmerizing beauty with which no other diamond cut can compare today.” (CNN, 2009)



Metallic Cap Pear-shaped Pendant (6565)

The new Metallic Cap Pendants see crystals married with cocooning metals, then modernized in a nod to the continuing focus on our need for protection. The sleek nature of the combined design also embraces the ongoing customer demand for flexibility and ease. A truly versatile product, the Metallic Cap Pendant offers myriad possibilities to create expressive, personalized looks in exuberant styles.

Product features:

Multilayered cut 25 facets

Classic outer shapes with a pressed and LTCH-coated cavity on top

Coated girdle that looks like a metal frame (=hidden secret)

LTCH coating matches perfectly with rhodium-colored claps, pinch bails or loops