Swarovski Element Innovations Fall/Winter 2015/2016


new color and coating Queen baguette, cross Starlet, curvy flatbacks Pave ring

Swarovski’s trend experts have pinpointed an urge to step away from digital connectivity for Fall/Winter 2015/16, illustrated by a growing backlash against the ‘always on’ culture. Stemming from the realization that algorithms cannot replace human contact and affection, the result is a move away from digital communication in favor of tuning into human emotion. This is reflected in the world of design with a new focus on intuitive creativity.

Color and coating


Fall/Winter 2015/16 heralds a sense of new freedom from strict precision. This lighthearted mood is reflected in the joyfully iridescent new Crystal Paradise Shine effect, whose multicolored metallic surfaces of purple, blue and green create an explosion of vibrant color. New Smoky Mauve color, an elegant blend of sophisticated gray and soft lilac, gives an air of romance to daywear and elegance to evening looks. Adding depth and distinction to jewelry and fashion accessories, the mysterious purple-green Crystal Iridescent Purple Pearl color has a lustrous two-tone metallic shimmer that recalls richly ornamented, vintage glamour.



The young and playful unisex Starlet Flat Back (2494) is perfect for the season’s sports-chic look, while the attention-grabbing Curvy Flat Back (2540) is edgily urban when used on textiles, infusing them with sparkle. The new Pavé Thread Ring (85001) now has either one or two holes, lending everyday opulence to homemade crystal items, accessories and jewelry. Useful as connectors between other jewelry elements, they can also be tied together to create jewelry sets resembling sophisticated art installations.

Starlet flatbackCurvy flatbackRing pave



The Queen Baguette (6465) Pendant’s contemporary faceting and cool outer shape adds classic sophistication to both masculine and feminine designs. Well suited to crystal hobbyists, it is also works well in earrings, bracelets, necklaces and fashion accessories.
In contrast to the regality of the Queen Baguette, the mysterious new Cross Bead (5378), with its echoes of gothic fashion and dark romance, has emerged from the subculture onto the international catwalk. Straight cut, with a top-down hole and a new modern metallic finish, it lends itself to earrings, bracelets, charms or necklaces - a new cult classic.

Queen Baguette pendant pendantCross beadArrow bead