Swarovski Element Innovations Fall/Winter 2013/2014





The overall trend theme for Fall/Winter 2013/14 is called Reflections, consisting of the four trend themes Reflections on Tradition (Classic), Reflections on Darkness (Romantic), Reflections on Progress (Progressive) and Reflections on Beauty (Glamour).
Crystal Blue Shade

Crystal Blue Shade – New Effect

Crystal Blue Shade is an internationally unique and versatile addition to the existing effects range. It is a fashionable effect that will suit any purpose or collection – from fresh and sporty, tender and romantic, to strong and sophisticated.    

Frabels' color code: 464

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Light Turquoise

Light Turquoise – New Color

Light Turquoise is new, different, and yet still somehow blue. Delicate, unusual, and incredibly attractive – for endless combination possibilities and positive associations all year round.

Frabels' color code: 157

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 Crystal Grey Pearl

Crystal Grey Pearl – New Effect

Crystal Grey Pearl is multitalented: a timeless element in women’s fashion and a fashionable detail in masculine accessories.

Frabels' color code: 731

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New Crystal Pearls Neoncolors – New Effects

New Crystal Pearls Neoncolors - New Effects

As new as the name implies, neon is a highlight in every sense of the word. Crystal Pearls Neoncolors are essential components in young, confident, and positive creations.    

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KEY TO OPEN THE FOREST Pendant 6919 – New Article

The design of the new key-shaped pendant, is a technical masterpiece that enables the creation of luxurious and incredibly charming looks with avant-garde appeal.

The captivating symbolism of the key has been captured in crystal with unparalleled technical precision.

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XIRIUS Chaton – Upgrade

XIRIUS Chaton 1088 – Upgrade
Brilliance redefined – one step closer to the diamond

Characterized by its gemstone-like cut with complex faceting and an extraordinary brilliance that far outshines anything ever seen before, art. 1088 XIRIUS Chaton takes crystal one step closer to the diamond. Exceptional durability of the 1088 XIRIUS Chaton is provided by the new, technically advanced Platinum Pro foiling. Moreover, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS are ideally equipped to resist damage from common environmental factors.    

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Pure Leaf Family – New Articles

Pure Leaf Family – New Articles

Whether vintage, floral, or sensually subtle, in fresh summertime looks or warm fall combinations – the organic and playful Pure Leaf family enables creations that are an homage to nature.    

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Stairway Bead (two holes) 5625 – New Article

The Stairway Bead (two holes) continues a success story of functionality. The combination of a popular chessboard pattern with a stairway cut and the plethora of design applications enabled by the introduction of a two-hole variant have already turned it into a clever multi-purpose item in the DIY sector.    

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Victory Pendant (art. 6041) – New Article

Victory Pendant 6041 – New Article

With its highly modern asymmetric faceting and large hole, the Victory Pendant is shaped like a medal – a symbol of its aesthetic triumph. It can be used to add a new dimension to hoop earrings.

The new Victory Pendant is a clear winner. As a round pendant with sixties flair, it is set to follow in the successful footsteps of the Helios Pendant.    

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 Crystal BeCharmed Pearl (art. 5890) – Line Extension

Crystal BeCharmed Pearl 5890 – Line Extension

Dream necklaces, bracelets, key rings, and whole jewelry sets can all be created using BeCharmed products (Crystal BeCharmed Pearl and BeCharmed Bead). Whatever the desire, mood, season, or holiday – Crystal BeCharmed Pearls and BeCharmed Beads are a brilliant way to make a style statement. They are the perfect product for those who like to get creative.    

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