Pantone Fashion Color Trends

Fall/Winter 2019

Colors for autumn/winter 2019/20 reflect an emergence of confidence; bold and strong, a visceral palette of colors that are relatable yet display some clever tweaks for the winter season. Expressing our wide-ranging acceptance of color, combinations for Autumn/Winter 2019/2020 suggest a thirst for liberation and a desire to realize our own individualized unique identities.

Chili Pepper A spicy red, Chili Pepper adds drama and excitement as it stimulates the senses.
Biking Red Biking Red An adventurous deep red, Biking Red is strong and powerful.
Creme de Peche Crème de Pêche An embracing light peach, Crème de Pêche speaks of softness and ease.
Peach Pink Peach Pink Warm and flattering, Peach Pink imparts a healthy glow.
Rocky Road Rocky Road Rocky Road is an earthy and grounded solid brown.
Fruit Dove Fruit Dove An extroverted pink, Fruit Dove creates a presence that can’t be ignored.
Sugar Almond Sugar Almond An appetizing mid-tone, Sugar Almond is a sweetened shade of brown.
Dark Cheddar Dark Cheddar Bold and daring, Dark Cheddar is a sharp blend of yellow and orange.
Galaxy Blue Galaxy Blue A thoughtful blue hue, Galaxy Blue is evocative of the greater galaxy.
Bluestone Bluestone Bluestone is a color of quiet resolve.
Orange Tiger Orange Tiger Orange Tiger imparts a fearless energy.
Eden Eden Eden is a stately forest green that plays on tradition.